Which is better, Amazon Echo or Google Home?

Well, this is not a good question.  But here is the answer:

There are various aspects of this question:

  • ecosystem like available voice skills (country-specific) and available Internet of Things devices that can be controlled by each of these speakers
  • quality of microphones
  • quality of speakers
  • intelligence of voice assistant that given smart speaker uses: Google Assistant in case of Google Home and Alexa in case of Amazon Echo

If you consider only hardware, particularly quality of speakers then one can’t say for sure which is better as both Google Home and Amazon Echo are offered in various variants with various price points and quality.

If you consider only ecosystem then Amazon Echo wins as both in skills area and in area of control of Internet of Things of devices clearly Amazon Echo has richer ecosystem. It must be said though: Google Home is catching up with Amazon Echo in area of ecosystem and may soon overtake it.

However when it comes to intelligence of voice assistants that each of these speakers is using then Google Home has simply more intelligent voice assistant that can answer your knowledge queries and can translate stuff to other languages even – yes, Google Home can speak in many foreign languages and some of them almost accent-free.

For me currently better speaker is Amazon Echo because I have one with built-in ZigBee hub for control of light bulbs from Philips and because Echo can recognize all names of radio stations that I need, while Google Home strangely in most cases doesn’t recognize some radio station names, although Echo recognizes the same names always.

Also rumor has it that Amazon Echo is very good at finding the music that you want while Google Home still has problems with it. So if you are music lover and you want to start music by voice commands easily then Echo wins.

So here you go! That is the answer! If you have further questions or doubts, please post them in comment section and I will answer them.

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