AI revolution is different, case in point: Brexit

Here is explanation why jobs lost to AI & robots will not be replaced by new jobs – on the example of Brexit

Whenever new industrial revolution comes it has been always said: many jobs will be lost but also many wholly new jobs will be created. Not so in case of AI revolution!

On June 24, 2016, I woke up in a hotel in London, turned on TV and learned from Sky News TV channel that UK just voted to leave European Union. Then I went near “Number 10” and stood there at the gate and I learned from radio that prime minister is resigning. I also counted my profit as I was betting at Bet365 that UK will vote to leave UK – I knew it because I knew British situation. See? I know what I am writing here about.

What was the situation? Brexit – Brits voting to leave EU was perfect storm of anti-EU feelings:

  • poor white Brits voted to leave EU because EU citizens – immigrants to UK from east EU – were stealing their jobs and undercutting their wages
  • non-white Brits voted to leave EU because employers in UK preferred to hire white EU citizens than them
  • middle-class and rich white Brits voted to leave EU because they wanted to stop immigration of non-white people to UK

The bottom line is that main reason, in 98%, why Brits voted to leave EU was: immigration. If somebody tells you of different reasons just tell him: you’re either self-deluded or ignorant or you are using psychological mechanism of rationalisation.

Brexit vote caused, that people who hated EU immigrants in private started to attack them in public both physically and verbally (“we voted leave, so go back to your country now!”). Atmosphere for immigrants from EU to UK has become very hostile for them. On top of that their future uncertain as EU citizens will lose freedom of movement right after March 2019, so even if they themselves have permanent residence there will be problems with fetching their families to UK.

As a result of that hostile atmosphere many EU citizens were leaving UK and many others abandoning UK as immigration target.

Since freedom of movement is one of four basic rights of EU, potential immigrants to UK from EU have other options: they can visa-free move to live and work in 27 EU countries plus Norway and Switzerland – the 2 super-rich countries that have freedom of movement association with EU.

Some employers in UK due to EU citizens leaving UK and abandoning plans to come to UK altogether, started to feel shortage of workforce.

Many Brits who voted for UK leaving EU – “brexit” – also called “brexiters” themselves, started to think: “great! the less EU immigrants in UK, the more jobs for us, Brits, and we Brits will be better paid too!”.

Not so fast!

Several British employers who were previously thriving thanks to EU citizens with their low wages and crazy-high work ethic, seeing that Brexit is causing shortage of workforce, initiated plans to replace missing EU workers not by Brits but by automation, robots and AI.

And many British businesses have no choice but to switch to robots: farmers for example can’t pay such high wages as British citizens demand and anyway all British citizens consider such farm jobs as beneath them and are not interested in doing such jobs at all.

Jobs lost to AI revolution, including above mentioned robots, will not come back. It’s game over: immigrant-hating Brits, by voting to leave EU, unwillingly have accelerated their own obsolescence!

You see? AI revolution is unlike previous ones: people who were riding horses for a living, could switch to work in car industry that replaced horses and carriages. Hover car drivers can’t swith to work in robot or self-driving cars industry. And with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning no jobs will be safe: also white collar and managerial jobs to be gone. Only rich people thriving in rentier economy – real estate / property owners – will be safe but most others will need Universal Basic Income (UBI) to survive… but that’s another fairytale.

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