Is .ai domain the best for Artificial Intelligence startups and blogs?

If you have an Artificial Intelligence startup or business and your website is not hosted on domain .ai then you are DOA – dead on arrival!

Really? Well, it depends. Today I have just bought the domain and I have rebranded this blog from previous domain to this fancy schmancy .ai domain. Why? My motivation was mainly related to the length of the domain: previous domain name was very long and typing it alone was discouraging and error-prone.

On the other hand the word “addict” apart from pejorative sense of a “junkie” and “drug user”, has also positive meaning of “fan” and “enthusiast” so it’s quite fitting for this blog. And having domain “.ai” immediately shows that this blog is about Artificial Intelligence.

So let’s talk about .ai TLD (top level domain). What is it? Well, this domain was not (!) created for Artificial Intelligence but it’s just a domain for Anguilla – a British overseas territory – an island – located near Cuba and Puerto Rico. You can read more about this domain here. Since Artificial Intelligence winter (a period when investing in AI is diminished) is over, and we see AI everywhere in form of machine learning (mostly hidden) and voice assistants (like HomePod, Alexa, Google Home, Cortana), more and more companies use .ai domain.

Not all companies use .ai though: good example is startup aggregator All Turtles that is using domain not for their website. Maybe the reason for that disdain of .ai domain is that owner(s) of All Turtles is/are loaded/super-rich as he/they sold EverNote company and are rich and don’t worry about nothing. Funnily enough out of 9 startups that All Turtles currently co-owns 3 have websites on .ai domains:, and!

Nothing says that your startup or website is about Artificial Intelligence like using .ai domain!

Furthermore some companies and corporations are using .ai domain for their AI-related divisions. Think of “AI microsite”. That makes a lot of sense.

So, do you really really need .ai domain for your AI-based startup or blog about AI? No! Of course no. However having .ai domain shows at one glance what your business is about, so it can’t be bad, right?

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